Addressing delinquency – sample module

One ongoing task of the Commission on Congregational Counseling is to pull together the best Confessional Lutheran resources to help congregations meet specific problems a challenges.   We call a package of resources a module.

Modules can consist of: Bible studies, studies of the Lutheran confessions, articles, discussion pieces, devotions, instructions, bulletin inserts, templates, videos, MP3 files, software, etc.     Each module comes with instructions of how and when to use the various components within the module.

Modules are typically shared in the CCC’s Self-Assessment and Adjustment Program (SAA) as part of Phase 3: Adjustment and Phase 4: Implementation.   They are often included as part of the action plan produced by the congregational counselor.  The congregational counselor then works with the congregation to see that they stay on track following the steps of the module.

Sample Module: D004 – Addressing Delinquency

The following module is one that deals with a discipleship issue, specifically elder work/delinquency.    It recommends a plan that allows a congregation to deal with delinquency in a timely and zealous manner.